Thursday, July 26, 2012

We Have Honey!

    We have harvested honey from our hard working bees and now have honey ready to sale. Now, we know beekeepers that claim and swear their honey is the best they ever tasted. We can't speak to all those claims but we can say the honey we have this year is the best WE have ever tasted, and we have tried all kinds. Bar none, in our humble opinion, compares to our honey this season .

      So here are the details:

    One pound jars, honey                             $9.00
    One pound jars, honey with comb        $10.00
    Eight ounce jars                                       $4.50
    Eight ounce jars honey with comb         $5.00

    We will be happy to ship our premium honey anywhere in the U.S. Just shoot us an email us telling how much you want so we can calculate the shipping costs and let you know. We will make arrangements then on payment details.
    Depending on where you live in the state, we might be able to arrange for other delivery methods.  
            If you are interested in purchasing or have questions about our honey please send us an email-

Thanks for visiting B&E's Bees!

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