Thursday, July 12, 2012

Balm Those Kissable Lips!
Beeswax is used and has been used throughout centuries as a main ingredient for soaps, lotions, lip balms and, well, so many other products. Though we use many of these very items in our everyday lives, lip balm seem a particular necessity these days. In the winter our lips get chapped from the cold, blustery winds and in the summer we use it to protect our lips from the hot, damaging rays of the sun.
You can purchase lip balm almost anywhere and you can find really good brands - some expensive and some cheap. I think the kind of lip balm that includes beeswax as an ingredient is the best by far.  Since I have quite a bit of good, clean beeswax on hand it seems wasteful to me to purchase the "store-bought" kind of lip balm. Making lip balm seems a really fun project and I'm figuring that it can't be too difficult.
Using very few ingredients might be the best course and, for me, this is one of those "less is more" kind of deal. I don't want this to be a full-blown science experiment…I’m just wantin' to keep it very simple. If it's too difficult to make, then who would want to make it again? Not me! So, after scouring a few internet sites and researching recipes in my "how-to" books, it appears easy enough. I will just try to combine a recipe or two and come up with one really outstanding homemade lip balm. Well, at least, that's the plan.
                             I'm thinking that starting out, making a very small batch at a time would be a good idea - that way, if it bombs, I can always tweak the ingredients, start over, and not waste precious beeswax. If it turns out to be a terrific recipe, then I'm meltin' down all the wax I have and I’m sellin' this stuff!
Basic Ingredients:
1 teaspoon grated beeswax - melted
2 teaspoons coconut oil - melted
2 drops of essential oil (peppermint, lemon, orange) I think this step could be optional
1 teaspoon honey
Stir all ingredients and pour into a container. Let cool and harden before using.
In searching through some recipes I noticed that if you wanted to add a hint of color to your lip balm, all you had to do is use a bit of a favorite lipstick. Don't use really old lipstick - one that has gone rank. Why, that would be the same thing as using old or outdated shortening or lard when making biscuits! I have to fess up...I'm terrible for keeping lipsticks for years and “they” say you’re NOT  supposed to do that! Secretly, I think I just like the pretty cases. Anyway, I will continue this experiment and make some additional samples. While I am at it, I might just make some "lotion bars". Those are supposed to be so good for your skin.

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  1. I have had the pleasure of testing the lip balm. It works great! Lasts a long time, smooths out my lips and makes them soft. Ive also noticed a decrease in my lips peeling!