Monday, May 14, 2012

    Welcome to B and E's Bees blog site. We are new bee keepers and honey producers. Well, actually our bee buddies produce the honey and do all the heavy lifting work. We take care of their hives, feed  and care for them in the rough times and share in their bounty in the good times. Our bees make a light and very mild tasting honey. We believe it is due to the honey locust and dutch white clover which make up a large part of the nectar in our area. 
  We are new to bee keeping and really have limited experience but hopefully will have good fortune with us as we start up production this fall. Currently we are in the establishing and expansion phase of our apiary and expect to expand over the next two years to full production of this very fine and light honey.
One of our hives
  This blog site will keep visitors up to date on our activities and availability of honey. We hope to add photos and videos of our adventures in the near future. So check back often. Thanks for stopping by! 

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